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Healthy Cat Food

The BEST Cat Food, Treats and Supplies for Your Cat

Pamper your cat with the finest, most nutritional products from,

veterinary health professional Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM and

Premium Cat Food: Dry & Canned


Whether its our protein-rich canned cat food (made with shrimp, chicken, chicken liver and turkey) or our premium dry cat food (wholesome grains, high quality chicken, turkey and catfish and meals, omega fatty acids and more), you can be sure your cat will live a long, happy and healthy life!

Cat Treats for Healthy Coat & Skin

Veterinarian formulated for resilient coat and healthy skin, these gourmet cat treats will please even the most finicky felines!

Nutritional Cat Supplementscat-supplements

Available as an agility formula, a daily dietary supplement, and as a specially formula to help maintain healthy skin and coat, our cat supplements are made to aid in the vitality and life of your cats health!

Pamper Your Cat with a Gift Basket!

Filled with delicious cat treats to help maintain a healthy coat and skin, plus cat toys to entertain for hours, this feline gift basket comes neatly tied with a colorful ribbon … that will also entertain them!


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